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Fuqiang Zhang, Esq.

Founding Partner


Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


Director of Chinese American Real Estate Association;

Director of Great Flushing Chamber of Commerce;

Member of New York State Bar Association;

General Legal Counsel or recommended attorney of  Laffey Realty, WinZone Realty Inc. E Realty International Inc., Century Homes Realty Group, Best Group Realty, Perfect Group Realty, East Coast Realty, etc.

Key Practices

Real estate zoning, planning, investment, construction and transaction, including providing legal advice, drafting and reviewing all type of legal documents, negotiating all transactions for the benefit of clients.

Fuqiang Zhang

From Shanghai to Texas, then New York, Mr. Zhang has accumulated strong business acumen and successful experiences in the real estate legal field. He is well-known for having a strong personality, one that is determined to provide clients with the utmost cost-efficient resolution & planning. As a New York attorney, Mr. Zhang has earned his reputation by satisfying US & International clients. Currently expanding the law firm to midtown Manhattan in 2018.

With over 25 years of experience practicing law in both the US and China, Mr.  Zhang is on a mission to change people’s perceptions of the law industry. He believes that the first step is to embrace every client’s issue as one’s own, thus forming a lifetime partnership earned by the trust, not hours. Just as a tax account is appreciated for how much tax is saved rather than filed, Mr. Zhang hopes to expand his dream team of attorneys that is well-known for strategizing legal solutions for clients, rather than preaching what is stated in the law book.

Mr. Zhang insists on trotting the globe at least twice a year to experience different cultures, and to remind himself to always see things from alternative perspectives.

“Enjoy every day, work as hard as you can, thus build the active lifestyle you deserve.” - Mr. Zhang

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