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Civil litigation representation is another core practices . We have a full team of experienced attorneys practicing in commercial dispute resolution, civil litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution methods. With our robust civil litigation practice, our litigators appear almost every day at all levels of federal courts and state courts to advocate for our clients’ legal interests and rights.

Aiming to promote and protect our clients’ best interests, our team of trial lawyers handle various types of cases such as contract disputes, real estate disputes, intellectual property right infringement and misappropriation, leasing disputes, banking business disputes, securities trading disputes, and corporate/derivative lawsuits, etc.

In civil cases, the disputes are usually between private individuals or entities. Judicial scholar Herbert Jacob summarizes the breadth of the civil law field in Justice in America: “Every broken agreement, every sale that leaves a dissatisfied customer, every uncollected debt, every dispute with a government agency, every libel and slander, every accidental injury, every marital breakup, and every death may give rise to a civil proceeding.” Thus, utterly any dispute between two or more parties may provide the basis for a civil suit. In a civil case the court attempts to settle a particular dispute between the parties by determining their legal rights. The number of suits is huge, but most of them fall into one of five basic categories, comprising of Contract Law, Tort Law, Property Law, the Law of Succession, and Family Law.  Our lawyers are familiar with these various bodies of law and thus are capable of providing you with the utmost comprehensive analysis and litigation support.

In practice, few persons make use of the entire judicial process. Instead, most cases are settled without resort to a full-fledged trial. In civil cases, a trial may be both slow and expensive. In many areas the backlogs are so enormous that it takes three to five years for a case to come to trial. The possibility of losing always exists. The possibility of a long wait also always exists. For all these reasons, more and more persons and entities find use of alternative methods of resolving disputes. Our civil litigation attorneys are familiar with some commonly used ADR processes, such as mediation, arbitration, neutral fact-finding, mini-trial, summary jury trial, and private judging

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