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Sylvia P. Tsai, Esq.



New York University School of Law

National Tsing Hua University, Institute of Law for Science and Technology
National Cheng Chi University


Member of New York State Bar Association; Honorary President of Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York; BoD of Taiwanese Chamber of Commercer North America; Legal General Counsel of Nex Foundation; VP of Taiwan International Foundation; Adviser and Instructur of The American Real Estate Institute; Co-Author of “Pursuing the American Dream- A Legal Handbook for New Immigrants to the United States“, and “美國專利訴訟關鍵案例解讀” (Decoding Key Patent Cases in America).

Key Practices

Civil Litigation in Real Estate, Commercial Transaction, Landlord-Tenant, and Trademark disputes.

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Reflected in her working style, Ms.Tsai is always self-composed yet outspoken and devoted to the most efficient way to resolve the issue at hand. With a background in communications under her belt, Ms. Tsai followed her passion for social policy by turning to law. Her desire to be at the frontier of the latest happenings landed her in New York City.

Her nonjudgmental mindset and even temperament have earned her a reputation of being a reliable counselor as she helps clients detach from emotions and focus on their goals. She is a trustworthy and positive advocate with outstanding communication and storytelling skills to reduce complex issues to simple and persuasive solutions. Focused on fact instead of speculation, she investigates every detail and devises a roadmap to lead to clients’ satisfaction.

When it comes to evaluating success, she makes sure the emphasis is put on cost-effective dispute resolution. In the eyes of Ms. Tsai, legal procedure is an ideal platform for different parties to engage in real negotiation, often leading to efficient and amicable resolution.

As an audacious woman not afraid to challenge the status quo, Ms. Tsai hopes that female professionals have a voice in every discipline.

“I aspire to push the boundaries of what is known; and the least I can do is try to challenge the status quo and empower everyone to speak up to create positive change.” - Sylvia P. Tsai

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