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Corporate Governance


Equipped with abundant experience and a unique business perspective, our team strives to bring satisfaction to all of our clients, who come in different shapes, sizes, and budgets. We welcome start-ups and small business owners. We put a touch of humanity in capitalism with a comprehensive and business-oriented legal support package, which encourages entrepreneurship.

We understand that the real business world is not always rosy or happy ever after, and that is why we take extra steps to protect corporate assets. Ensuring our clients understand the legal and tax implications associated with their business decisions is our responsibility as well. From choosing and forming legal entities to defining business relationships, we walk our clients through the complex and intimidating process.


Our legal services include, among others: 


•   Guiding discussions, providing advice to founders, partners, and business owners on structuring and organizing business relationships

•    Drafting partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and other related documents

•    Drafting separation and withdrawal agreements and related documents 

•    Shareholder governance proposal

•    Counseling members, partners, and shareholders on their rights and duties

•    Providing advice on entity formation and governance

•    Tax planning, reporting, and compliance

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