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Our firm embraces a breadth of Intellectual property right-related legal services.
To provide all-in-one-stop legal service, we offer business owners Business Law, Contract Law, Trademark Law, and Copyright Law services under one roof. 
In our daily practice, our lawyers prosecute trademark/patent applications, interact with clients & opposing counsel regarding negotiations related to patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues. Customized one-on-one meeting with clients is crucial; we focus on discussing particular products and concepts to find out clients' objectives, goals, finances, and resources. We could be the best assistant to clients who are seeking new ideas or products, taking them from the initial stages of research and development to full-scale production, and protect the outcomes from competitors or egregious counterfeiters.

The legal services related to the intellectual property include:


•    Prosecution of trademark/patent application;

•    Licensing of trademark, copyright, and patent;

•    Intellectual property portfolio;

•    Intellectual property related strategy; 

•    Trademark registration opposition;

•    Trademark, copyright and patent infringement/misappropriation litigation.

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