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About Us

Lean law firm on a big mission to drive client success

Our goal is to help clients from around the world find the most efficient route to resolve even the most difficult business & civil issues in the US. We are here to provide clients with legal support at all stages to enable effective decision-making, starting from a fresh and thorough look at the current situation, to finding the right solution for each client’s legal needs. Our experience in Asia and the US empowers us, providing us with new creative perspectives and allowing us to move faster than traditional law firms. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on confusion & conflict – so leave it to us!

We are a multilingual law firm located in New York City, which aims at providing cost-efficient and time-effective solutions to help businesses and individuals achieve, retain, and maximize their success.  

With the advent of the Information Era, anyone can look up the law. However, there is no substitute for our experience and strategic approach, which will save you time & effort whilst attaining the best legal solution. Our robust investigative team looks into every little detail and strives to find effective legal and ethical solutions that apply to our clients’ specific circumstances and statuses.

We are not your run-of-the-mill law firm; we celebrate that no client/issue is ever the same. This is part of how we get to the core of the issue as well as help clients refine and realize their goals. It’s not unusual for clients to think they require a certain solution only to end up, even more satisfied with another approach or solution after our professional analysis and consultation. We are well-known and take pride in cultivating a unique roadmap to success for every one of our clients.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our lean team is comprised of attorneys with actual business & startup experience in the fields of real estate, finance, international business, and investment. This enables us to understand the struggle and objectives our clients have, as well as makes us capable of supporting and executing complex transactions. We regularly look beyond the legal issues toward other contextual ones, stepping into the shoes of property owners & individuals. Moreover, we embrace culture diversity. Our team speaks English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and an assortment of Chinese dialects including Cantonese and Shanghainese.

Attorneys with Strong

We highly value client’s time. Therefore, we aim to make the case process as transparent and agile as possible. With this client-centric mindset, our team has developed new strategies & innovative tactics to address an assortment of challenges for the decade. Before diving into any potential client’s case, we first make sure that we are the right team. Our method is not to approach each client’s issues in a standardized way, but instead to firstly understand the problem, conflict, and stakes, culminating in a personally-tailored plan that pairs the client’s motives with our professional expertise. Once it’s clear that we’re oriented in the same direction, we quickly roll up our sleeves and get to the task at hand.

The Right Team
Means Success

Why Work with Us

When Mr. Zhang established The Law Offices of Fuqiang Zhang, P.C., he had one mission in mind: to change people’s perceptions of law firms. Through our professional service and flexible approach, we strive to be every business & individual’s partner for legal solutions. This is why our internal key performance indicator is not based on hours, but results that would benefit our clients in the long-term. For many years, our clients have been referring friends, family, and businesses to us for the simple reason that is the foundation of all fruitful ventures: Trust. In order to expand our practice to serve even more clients, in 2018 we are expanding to Manhattan, near Grand Central Station.


Let us build this momentum together!

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